October 2001

Atleast it has it's perks, or does it?

A couple bonded together stays together.

Those damned coupon giving chickens!

Don't piss Stewie off, or you just might get your head up your ass.

Ahhh, ain't he pretty.

You'd think being molecularly bonded to someone would bring you closer together.

It's nice going to a party at someone else's house cause it means you don't have to help clean up.

A balloon on your mail-box means PARTY OVER HERE!

Stay away from nuclear blasts.

Ahhh! The government, run ET run!

BAD rabbit!

There's something wrong with that Twinkie The Kid.

The safety word is "bananna"

A great one of when Peter was the host of The Late Show.

Peter trying out a new career as a hooker.

This is where Peter annexes Joe's pool, classic.