September 2003

Just a note... - Hogie @ 7:58 pm PST
I'm not sure if anyone has been trying to e-mail me or not(ya bastards), but if you do(you rock), just so you know any link or display of my e-mail addy has been changed from using the usuall "@" sign to "[at]". This is because apparently there's these little bots that scour the internet looking for e-mail addresses to spam. This was a huge problem for me last month with that stupid blaster virus or whatever it was and I was getting at the peek about 100 virus e-mails a day or so. So that is why I changed it, so, when you goto e-mail me, just change it back.

Also, got The Quag section working properly, now you can easily find Quagmire related content that I have done or put up(video clips, wallpapers, pics, and quotes).

Now that I'm on my new server it is time for me to start learning PHP better and mySQL aswell as these options are available to me now. So this site should be getting a hell of a lot better once I start getting a hell of a lot smarter.

And another thing, you have probably noticed that my video clips are back up, don't know, I KNOW THESE THINGS. Go easy on them please because after being back up for just over 3 days or so now I'm already over 11gigs of bandwidth use of my allotted 25gigs. I pay for this site with my own non-existant money, so don't be an abuser aight!
Comments?'s 2 year aniversary party... - Hogie @ 2:44 am PST
That's right, two years ago today I opened this site with hardly anything, now I have a little bit more than hardly anything, ohhhh yeah...

Also, as you can see I've redsigned the site, please feel free to send me comments about it... I'll soon be having a poll up though if you're too lazy to e-mail me.
Comments? is hosting... - Hogie @ 2:41 am PST
That's right, I offer hosting now, to the very select few... Currently I'm hosting The Pope's(from DYA) new site, Petoria... check it out now:
He offers his works, such as writings and flash, aswell as some Family Guy wallpapers...

Comments? IS BACK!!! - Hogie @ 1:20 pm PST
YES,hello, and welcome to my new host... this is just a test, and things need a tweak here or there, but everything should be running smoothly soon.
Good news, good news! - Hogie @ 8:19 pm PST
As I'm sure you've all heard, that the Family Guy Movie has basically been confirmed, if not, go here to read more:

Also, I just got wind of an interview with Seth MacFarlane himself about the upcoming release of the Series Two Family Guy DVD, read it here

And in my own personal news, I will be getting up bright and early(about 9) to hit Futureshop the moment it opens tomorrow to buy my copy of Series Two Family Guy DVD, I CAN'T WAIT!!!
Well well well.... - Hogie @ 11:24 pm PST
It appears that my beloved site is still up and running, much to my surprise, YAY!! That's good I suppose. I still will be switching hosts around the middle of the month still, so there might be a day or two of down-time. But it shouldn't be long. And then I'll be up on a bigger and better and badder(oh yeah baby, bad in a good way) host with many more goodies, I can't wait! You know if you said badder and you had a cold it would sound like bladder, and what would happen if your bladder exploded?