August 2003

Slight glitch.... - Hogie @ 8:30 pm PST
It seems that my time here at this host is very soon coming to an end, so is gonna be closed down for a couple weeks here, untill I get everything straightened out with my new host, which as of the moment is undecided.

So remember, is not going away forever, just a couple weeks, I plan on having it back up on about the 16th of Sept, hopefully sooner if I can get things worked out quicker, I just don't think they will. SO HOLD TIGHT UNTIL THE SIXTEENTH!!!
Is there anybody out there? - Hogie @ 11:01 pm PST
Well, the convention that Seth MacFarlane was at happened today, I hope everyone who went had a good time, I also hope that they'd tell me all about it and send me some pics or something, whatever can be e-mailed. EXCEPT viruses, I'm getting about 25 virus filled e-mails a day here and it's really pissing me off and I wish it would stop. So everyone needs to get an anti-virus program and make sure their definitions are up-to-date dammit!!!

So to wrap this up, TELL ME ABOUT THE CONVENTION!!! and get your anti-virus software up-to-date!

Here's how you sell videos: - Hogie @ 7:11 pm PST
Here's a wallpaper for everyone over 18 or who uses a computer which your parents do not see:

(640x480) (800x600) (1024x768) (1280x1024)

Hope you enjoy that wallpaper as I'm sure some of you sick weirdo's will... I finished that one last week, but I went away for a little vacation and decided to leave it until I got back so it wouldn't seem like I was gone forever... I'm a sneaky bastard I know!
Damn this subject line is usless some times! - Hogie @ 11:55 am PST
Yeah, it's been a while, but I've been busy... I SWEAR!!!

Anyways, I've just learnt how to use that pen tool in photoshop, so i've made another wonderfull wallpaper for y'all! Here you go:

(640x480) (800x600) (1024x768) (1280x1024)

Hope that's enjoyable and maybe usefull... I also made it into an avatar for the DYA forum:

It's free to be used if you like...

more to come ;)