June 2003

Good news, good news.... - Hogie @ 10:39 pm PST
Well, from a hot tip from Spooner, FOX has apparently bought www.familyguymovie.com, so the chances of a family guy movie seem to be quite good. Thanks Spooner. Also, Spooner's AIM themes have been worked on and added too, with an easy link to get them all >>HERE<<. Spooner's been a busy guy this week.

Update from the west side! - Hogie @ 11:30 pm PST
Well, it appears we've been blessed with another great "Family Guy-ed":

"I Never Met The Dead Man"

I probably shouldn't tell ya'll that there's a new one every time, but I will anyways, EVERY TIME!!

On another note, I'm keeping pretty busy working on that movie I was talking about, I got a new toy so it makes the hours of sitting a little nicer, and no it's not a nasty toy you sick bastard!
Remember when TNN was The Nashville Network, good times... - Hogie @ 3:13 pm PST
Here's some news that's been suggested to me on DYA:

ATTENTION ALL FAMILY GUY FANS, Spike TV is a new block of shows that is starting June 16th on TNN. It's supposed to be like Adult Swim. They are asking for requests on what shows they should put on Spike TV. They already said that Futurama and Family Guy would be a possibility. Everyone body needs to go to their website and request Family Guy. Tell your friends!!! The more attention Family Guy gets the better chance of it returning with New episodes. Go to there website and REQUEST FAMILY GUY NOW!!! thanks

It may be a chance that Family Guy's exposure will increase, so request, nay, DEMAND IT!!!

Also, spooner2222(you most likely know him from DYA.net) has made some AIM themes for everyone to use, here they are:
Stewie Theme- http://mytheme.com/?10554858255750
Brian theme- http://mytheme.com/?105548324229562
Evil Monkey Theme- http://mytheme.com/?105547910711397
General Family Guy theme- http://mytheme.com/?105545668527725
He promises more and slight improvements/modifications to the current ones, let's hope he delivers. I as a matter of fact have just gotten AIM, my name is hogietdc, so add me cause I don't know how to use it right now.

Family Guy-ed - Hogie @ 12:42 am PST
Some good news here today, I've gotten some more donated content, this time it's a sort of a episode guide, but with more fun stuff related to the episode. You may or may not recognize it from The Simpson's Episode Guide books, but that's where it takes it's form. So far, it's very well done, enough of this pointless dribble, here it is:

Please note this is brought to you buy Aaron(some of you may know him from DYA.net), he says more are on the way, so let's all hope so:

Family Guy-ed for "Death Has A Shadow"

We've come up with the title "Family Guy-ed", I think it's a fairly good title with a nice little play on words(It's supposed to be like "Family Guide" for all you slow folks.), I hope you all enjoy it.
Ready Ready? - Hogie @ 2:36 pm PST
As you may or may not have notice, the FAQ has now been offically put up online, check it out >>here<<. I believe it to be a work in progress, so if you have any questions you'd like to have answered, pertaining to Family Guy, direct them toward theantidote, or to me.

Also, I've put up all the pics made by Dennis to the Fan Wallpaper Section >>HERE<<. There's almost enough there to warrant it's own section, so if he makes a bunch more I may just do that.
Roll please, we're rolling... - Hogie @ 1:50 am PST
Some new revelations have been happening here lately, I will be getting a FAQ here shortly made by "theantidote" from the damnyouall.net forum, which will be online very shortly here. And, I've gotten quite a few grabpics from a fan: Dennis. Some of them have a line or too that has an error, but they're all really good, I can't really decide where to put them so I'm going to put them all in the fan wallpaper section which currently only has 1 wallpaper in it right now.

On a more personal note, I have been quite busy working this past week. I work about a 12 hour day on the movie, it's called "Miracle", so that means I'm gone from home for about 15 hours or so. It's not too bad, though sitting in uncomfortable seats all day can really get too you. I did however get to sit 2 feet behind Kurt Russel yesterday, so that was kinda cool. Also, I got picked from the crowd to be Team Romania's Head Trainer, so I'm gonna have to recommend that you all go and see this movie when it comes out in 2004. I know it will probably suck, but hey, let's see who can guess which guy is me(I also get to sit beside/near the hottest mom I've ever met/seen).
Well hello... - Hogie @ 5:57 pm PST
Well, I was looking through my stats, and I noticed that I was getting a fair ammount of hits when I wasn't posting, and when I was posting, I barely got any, what's the deal? Seriously though, I don't care, I like getting hits, but I don't try to get as much as possible.

Well, I'm back in BC again, this time it's business not pleasure. That's right, I got a job. After a 6 month hiatus I'm back working again, this time not hard thankfully. I'm an extra in a movie, and as the title doesn't say, it doesn't mean extra work. That didn't make any sense now did it. I won't be getting paid as much as I used to, but however, I won't be working at all, just sitting in the stands at an ice rink, sounds sweet doesn't it, well it is.

Well I'm rambling incoherently(or however you spell it) here, so I better shut up soon. Just wan't to through in that I've got some good ideas for some wallpapers, and as I see how wallpapers are what's wanted, that's what I'll deliver, so stay "tuned" wha ha ha ha ha ha, oh crap.