April 2004

Good news... - Hogie @ 7:48 pm PST
One, it's my birthday. Two, the video clips are back up.
Listen! - Hogie @ 1:14 pm PST
Hmm, as you people have probably noticed my video clips are down, and because hosting ain't cheap for a guy with no job(as of yesterday) they will remain down in efforts to help the rest of the site stay up. There is a way to fix this obviously, and it isn't even hard or cost you a dime, look down the page, do what YOU think is right... figure it out.

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I'm a bastard... - Hogie @ 3:51 am PST
Yes I jumped on the April Fools bandwagon and made a funny... sorry if you thought I was serious. I love my site and plan on continuing it for a long time.