March 2004

- Hogie @ 3:30 pm PST
Well, I started making wallpapers again, so here's one:

(640x480) (800x600) (1024x768) (1280x1024)

Yeah, as you'll also now notice the Video Clip Gallery is now back to normal, and though some of them may not work at the moment, most do, so enjoy... many many thanks to Rod.
Vids are back... - Hogie @ 2:38 am PST
Well, lucky enough most of my videos are now back online, and pretty soon they'll be visually aided like normal but I'm a busy man! So sit tight for now and just view the clips via text links! Special thanks to Rod and Mr. Durden...
That time of the month again... - Hogie @ 3:27 am PST
Well, my bandwidth is at a point where I have to shut down my video clips(off of my server). But all is not lost as I'm still working things out with other folks who're willing to help me out... Also, I've gotten to the point where I've realized that just having these one posts is getting kinda lame, so I've decided that I may split this posting collumn in two and have my crappy little posts on one side and Family Guy related news on the other, I think it may be better overall, and I do welcome comments. Thank You.
Welcome back. - Hogie @ 2:55 pm PST
As I'm sure you've noticed, my site was in the toilet there for over 2 weeks! My bandwidth got sucked dry, so this month I'm going to do anything I can to rectify this situation. I've got a couple people already who are willing to host my vidclips for a bit, but I use up an awful lot of bandwidth of theirs too... so I'll figure something out.