March 2002

Winamp skin - Hogie @ 5:08 pm PST
My second winamp skin has finally been added to's library of skins, so go download it:

Battleaxe Warriors. - Hogie @ 10:35 pm PST
Holy, went to a Swollen Members concert the other night (Monday), it was freaking sweet I tells ya, damn did it go on for a long time though, I got there at 9:00pm and they didn't start anything till 10:45pm, then a couple of guys came out for a while, then back to just music, then Moka Only came out, back to music again, and then Swollen Members, they sure know how to work a crowd. Didn't get out of there till 1:00am which kinda sucked cause I had to work at 8:00am that day, but I'd have to say it was definitely worth it and the whole 12 bucks I spent(sweet deal).

A Link: Swollen Members
40oz-Warriors - Hogie @ 10:57 am PST
I'd like to give some shout outs to the guys at 40oz-Warriors for giving me a link, thanks you drunken guys.

A Link: 40oz-Warriors
Submissions... - Hogie @ 10:21 pm PST
I've received a wallpaper submission from Chad Freiling via Hohan, which is quite odd since that lazy sod never freakin' contributes anything to this site, why not send direct to the mith the man the legend, me? I dunno, but it's a cool wallpaper and I like it so here it is:

800x600 /\/\ 1024x768

He's promised more so start praying, oh yeah, thanks Chad, it's good and keep 'em coming.

Searches... - Hogie @ 9:26 pm PST
Sometimes you get the odd search result link, like "drunken wife pictures", what's up with that, haha, another one's "fart clips", some people are really weird.

Hey, if you live in Switzerland, I like chocolate, and pictures of hot girls in lederhosen playing alpen horns.
Sweet bloody gum drops. - Hogie @ 11:29 am PST
My new host for all my video clips is up now and working wonderfully. So go ahead and download all of those clips now, they all work! Again thanks go out to Chris for providing hosting.
Help found. - Hogie @ 8:50 pm PST
Special thanks to Chris Watkins for hooking me up with hosting, soon I'll have all of the video clips up and working and will then be able to add more in the future a lot more easily.

So stick around as things get transferred and links get fixed.
A little help part 2..... - Hogie @ 7:44 pm PST
The reason I am seeking such help is because half of my video clips are down(who knows when the rest will go...) cause that host cracked down on it I guess. So if anyone can or knows of where I can get hosting for free with a lot of space and preferably fast, please help me.

Thank you.

A little help... - Hogie @ 10:21 pm PST
I'm in serious need of a host that will provide a lot of space and bandwidth for free, it seems that one of my hosts cracked down and shut down half of my vidclips, so if you have the space and or know of where I can get it, please help cause it'd be very much appreciated.

Sexy Party get it before it's gone!!!
The long awaited... - Hogie @ 2:37 pm PST
You've been seeking it for a long time, and here it is another stoopid interview, this time with Peter:

Please note that younge children should not view this as it contains full-frontal nudity, and it should definitely not be considered factual by anyone

Can't touch me! - Hogie @ 6:05 pm PST
Here's a contemplation wallpaper I made of Peter, you've probably seen something like this before, so far be it for me to not make one myself.

Goood.... gooood - Hogie @ 10:08 am PST
Ladies and gentlemen, The Goood Bug: