February 2004

Sorry about this. - Hogie @ 7:54 pm PST
Well, it seems that my site is going to shut down again soon because all my bandwidth is dried up. I'm working stuff out with some people to see if I can get my videoclips up all the time ASWELL as my site. So I'll see how that goes. So, if you see my site is down, fear not, it will be back and remember, this is the shortest month of the year, so don't worry.
Dang bandwidth! - Hogie @ 2:54 am PST
As you probably noticed, my site went down because of excessive bandwidth usage. I thought I had shut down the video clips in time, but I guess I was wrong. It looks like I'll have to shut them down earlier this month to avoid complete site non-workie! So, if you can think of anyway to help me, please do...

Also, a special thanks go out to Clint and Kevin... without their generous donations this site would not be able to maintain the hosting package that I'm current at and therefor have helped keep the video-clips a little longer.