February 2002

My second skin, literally.. - Hogie @ 8:47 pm PST
I finally finished that freakin' winamp skin I was talking about, you see, I wasn't lying!

Click here to download

There still may be a few tweaks here or there, but it's pretty much done.
Feedback... - Hogie @ 6:13 pm PST

As an American ice hockey player, congratulations to the Canadian teams sweeping gold. Hockey is THE Canadian sport and it’s only fitting that you FINALLY win gold. What, it only took 50 years, so I guess all you canucks can talk a little shit for the next 4 years. What else have you guys got to brag about? Well, I do love the drug policies in British Columbia, but that’s a different subject. Congratulations again, Go Leafs….


Note the sarcasm, it was pretty much expected, something like that. It's all good though, considering that Canada's population is like 1/9th that of USA's. So it's only expected that a nation(USA) with such a large population pumps out some good hockey players.

Also, don't forget about football and basketball, they're Canadian bred too, so be thankfull.

I don't want to start a war here or anything, so calm down, everybody knows about patriotism, so that was just me displaying it.
Canada kicks USA's lilly ass... - Hogie @ 3:12 pm PST
That's right you freakin' little bitches, Canada kicked teeny weeny usa's lilly bitch ass, that's right you merican's bend over and take it cause you're our bitches now!!!

I want all you pissy merican's to send me e-mails apologizing for your anti-Canadian remarks and declare yourselves as our little bitches and as big ASSED LOSERS!!!!

Our women beat you, the guys beat you, it's all just too freakin' great!!!

usa SUCKS!!!!!
Canada RULES!!!!!

The pipes they are a blowing, HA HA HA Oh Crap! - Hogie @ 8:02 pm PST
It may not seem like it, but I've been working on this site, there's now 41 video clips for you to view(it's gotta be the most any Family Guy site has to offer). I'm also working on another Family Guy skin for winamp, I hope this one holds up to the greatness of my first one. If you'd like to take an advanced peek, e-mail or IM me and I may just show you.
When do we get the grape juice, I came for the grape juice! - Hogie @ 12:29 pm PST
Maybe a wallpaper for the first time with something in the background and no little talk bubble thing, hope you like it anyways:

Quagmeat-(yum mixed with deer, possum, cayun pepper, and beef sooit)
Quagological-(studies of quag)
Quagamist-(somewhere in between optimist & pessimist)
Quagmites-(Biblical tribe banished from paradox)
Quagasm (messyer than orgasm)
Quagoidal-(bloodier than hemroidal)
Quagmire-(my bud)

Thanks for Ralph D. Murphy for those.

Got my first desktop care of Jae A.

It's February 16th... - Hogie @ 9:22 am PST
And it's Hohan's birthday. He's the big 18 today, so wish him a happy birthday.

On another not, my CGI on my host seems to be crashing a lot, so you may not see a banner or poll once in a while, hopefully my host will fix that soon.
Living in a 3D world.... - Hogie @ 10:36 pm PST
I just installed Max for the first time in about 2 years, so I slapped this together:

Please note that I haven't used Max in over 2 years and that I am primarily an animator and have always pretty much sucked ass at modelling, so laugh away, I know I am.
I know you want it. - Hogie @ 10:21 pm PST
Since a few of you wanted to see it, here it is, here's my ass:

Bask in the glory of my ass.*

*note, donkey not actually my ass
Continuous labour. - Hogie @ 7:58 pm PST
Here's a wallpaper I just made, I know most people like Stewie the best so I figured I might as well deliever:

Still nothing on my "Desktops" idea, damn you lazy fools. I wanna get that going, so if you actually use one of my wallpapers, and you want your desktop seen, here's what to do:

hit "printscrn"(on your keyboard) then open up Photoshop or even MSPaint and hit "edit>paste" then save it, and then send it to me at Hogie@thedrunkenclam.com

Updates Galore! - Hogie @ 10:51 pm PST
Since Video Clips is kicking ass, I added a few more clips, now there's 35, w00t. There's also a couple more Hogie's Choice Framegrabs. To find out how much I have of crap here, click on the "Site Info" image link on the nav bar over there to your left <-----

Also, after months of nothingness, I've finally updated the Quotes, so there's a bunch more there for y'all to check out.
Hogie's back with a brand new invention... - Hogie @ 8:33 pm PST
Well, not really, I took that line from that song "Ice, Ice Baby" and just replaced "Ice" with "Hogie", clever eh?

Yes, I'm finally back here at my own computer, and thanks to my mom it's even better now because she gave me a 1GHZ CPU for my birthday(it's not my birthday yet).

I've been thinking and I wonder if anyone actually uses the backgrounds I make, if you do and want to prove it, take a snapshot of your desktop(hit "printscrn" then open up Photoshop or even MSPaint and hit "edit>paste" then save it) and send it to me and I'll make a new section called "desktops" and i'll put it up in there, after the first one I get even, if you want I can link your e-mail on that page too.

So, I'm back to working on the site, tell all your friends to come here everyday and tell them to tell all of their friends(excluding you) the same thing.

Here's a link:

Source: Family Guy Unlimitied
Time Spent Away. - Hogie @ 12:50 am PST
It's been a while now, I know, my hits have probably hit the floor, where's the love?

This is coming at you via Hohan's comp(how'd that happenen?), which very shortly will be augmented with a new 16x10x40x CD burner, hell yeah.

My trip's end here in coming soon, I'll be home on Monday, maybe I'll make something when I get back, I don't know as I'll probably be tired but all signs point to "most likely".
Superbowl Sunday yesterday. - Hogie @ 2:17 pm PST
Watched a bit of the Superbowl yesterday, I know that you know that the Patriots won, if you're a true Family Guy fan you'll be glad the patriots won as everyone in Quahog is a Patriots fan(I think they like the "Pawtucket Patriots", but we all know that they mean the "New England Patriots"). If you were a Rams fan, GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!

I've only been gone a couple days, but it's felt like over a week, which is a good thing, but since I only made a couple extra wallpapers, it might not be that good.

I know I've been doing a lot of Peter lately, but he's the best for different situations as he looks different a lot, it's hard with Quagmire, even though he's my favorite, he's almost always wearing the same clothes and almost always in the same pose.

When i get home, I'll be sure to work on the site a lot more, as in making a lot more Video Clips, and maybe take a few pics of my ass for you sick, sick dirty people out there.

"The Family Guy Archvie" has kinda reopened, so go check that site out:

Source: The Family Guy Archive
Way out West now, that's right, the "Wild Wild West". - Hogie @ 11:03 am PST
As it seems, and as I said, i'm on vacation, pecking away on a computer who's whole monitor could fit inside my monitors viewable screen part. It's crazy.

Thursday's episode so so freakin' funny I pissed my pants, well, not quite, but I think that it was one of, if not the best episode so far. When they were dissing Costco at the start was espeically because I really understand it cause I'm a member at Costco, you yourself might not get it as well if you hve not been to a Costco.

Here's another wallpaper I made before I left:

That quote was particularly good, just because of "pimps" and "whores". "Pimps" and "whores" is always funny to hear and say, so say it outloud "PIMPS AND WHORES!!!"