December 2003

Here comes the Fat Man.... - Hogie @ 7:21 pm PST
As time ticks by and I realize it's almost christmas, I crap my pants cause, DAMN!, I thought it just was Christmas!! Special thanks go out today to a certain Aaron S., he donated some of his hard-earned cash, and he now enjoys 24/7 video clip access, you too can join him! This has helped me near my goal of the next hosting block of 45gigs/month bandwidth...

Also, it seems that there's another save Family Guy petition, at a different petition site this time though(I don't know if you all remember the old one, do you?) Check it out here:
You won't see my name on there(I don't like to sign things), but I urge you too do so!!!

'Tis the season! - Hogie @ 2:40 pm PST
Well, it is now a new month, so the video clips are going to be up for a couple days... But, if you're like a certain Jeramie S. and donate money, you'll get permanent access. So that means when the video clips are closed to everyone else, you can get them anytime, and you're also entitled to an e-mail address, which is web-based, or can also be a POP3.

And I've been meaning to mention, but it's kept slipping my mind untill now, that there are some sweet official Family Guy art which you can buy, for a hefty sum for some(me), but others maybe not so much(if that's true it's almost Christmas!) The link's at the bottom of this post. Special thanks to Jack of the Animation Connection for alerting me too this, damn I wish I was rich, but hey, don't we all, even the damned rich!!!

A Link: Animation Connection