December 2001

"Happy" old man - Hogie @ 9:57 pm PST
Made a new wallpaper finally, yes, I'm already getting at it here.

Also, if you didn't notice, you will now though, that I've made multiple banner images for this site, 11 of them so far. You'll have to refresh and whatnot to view them all because they're on a random rotation.

Also, on a content based note, right now there's 15 video clips in the "Cool Clips" section, also a couple more "choice" framegrabs, so go check them out.
x-mas fanatisism? - Hogie @ 7:02 pm PST
Well, Christmas break is finally here which means that I now have about 2 weeks off to waste away and relax.

So hopefully in that time, more stuff will hit this site and things will start to flow better.

That's it for now, time to work.
Dear Diary: Jackpot! - Hogie @ 2:46 pm PST
Oh man, that was the best freakin' 1 liner right there, well, the situation is what makes it really work but still it was freakin' awesome.

Made another interview, here it is:

Remember, everything said is completely made up and fictional and may not be appropriate for younger viewers or complete wimps.
Oh the joys.... - Hogie @ 9:15 pm PST
Sorry about the general absenteeism(?), but I've just been damned lazy the past few days, DAMN YOU EBAY!!!

Looks like Dec 13th's episode is going to be a rerun, so there's no point in devulging any information.

As for the addition of stuff to this site, it will be slowed down a bit and mainly be looked at during the weekends. Also, Christmas holidays is coming up so I'll be getting a whole 2 weeks off of work, which will equal some much needed time to devote to this site, and my new hobby, GETTING STRONG!!!