November 2003

Attention.... - Hogie @ 8:52 pm PST
I've been receiving a lot of e-mails regarding the password protected video clips. I am well away of this. As I've stated many times before bandwidth is not free, and with the video clips, mine gets taken through the roof. If you feel out-raged by this, feel free to hit that "PayPal" image and drain your credit card of your frustration. Thank you, that is all.
More good news!!! - Hogie @ 3:29 am PST
Now, I don't want to be a rumor starter, wait, yes I do, here we go....

Check this out:

So, I think I need to change my underpanties...

Special thanks go out to the brave soul reporting from the front line, that would be Greg, and an honourable mention to Spree3k.
There is a God!!!! - Hogie @ 12:24 pm PST
go here:
And you too will believe in THE LORD!!!!!


Special thanks to Frank, you rock!
Settle down there little doggies! - Hogie @ 2:53 pm PST
Well, as I'm sure a lot of you have noticed, my video clips were back online for a few days there, and I'm sure as you have now noticed, they are not. There's this little thing called bandwidth that was nearly sucked dry... I'm hoping that I have enough to keep this site open for the rest of the month. We'll all have to wait and see now won't we.

If you feel wronged by all of this, please, feel free to donate some cash to the cause. Currently all of this site is paid for by me right out of my already empty pocket. So I figure that we the people should all help each other out. Remember now, the more donations, the longer video clips stay up, and possibly the more there will be. So, click on that little button that says "PayPal" and pitch in... come on.. COME ON!!!!!!
Good news and bad news... - Hogie @ 1:24 am PST
Well, first the good news. I am finally the recipient of some Fan Art, two Family Guy scripts have been written by a Mr. Eric Smith, he's put a lot of time into each, you can view them here:

Vacation All I ever Wanted

Magnum P.G.

He would like to hear your feedback and suggestions, so please e-mail him here:
smithco88[at] , but, you know, replace the "[at]" with a "@" to make it work.

Oh yeah, and the bad news is that I have yet to figure out how to get my video clips back online, but once I do figure it out though, they'll only be up for about 4-5 days because I'm sure they'll use up all my bandwidth. If you feel you would like too see them up all the time, feel free to click that button that says "PayPal" and contribute. Any contributors that would like a e-mail addy will be granted one, it can be web-based and POP3.

With winter the liquids slow and so do I(though hopefully not too much longer) - Hogie @ 11:54 pm PST
Hot diggity it's been a while... I got nothing.

Welp, it's November now, so that means that the video clips should be back, well, easier said than done. I did something to CHMOD the dir to make it unaccessable before, and now I can't CHMOD it back to become accessable. So the vid clips will remain down until I can resolve this conflict.

Also, you may have noticed the new PayPal link to the right there. If you would like to see the vidclips section grow and stay up longer than 4 days this month, please contribute enough for me to get up to the next hosting level *coughsixseventyfivemorecough*. With more contributions comes more bandwidth and longevity of video clips.

go here: