November 2001

Next next week.... - Hogie @ 7:55 pm PST
Wow, what a lucky guess on my last post's title. I had no idea that they would be doing Dukes of Hazzard reference, but I guess I should have guessed that with Waylon Jennings doing a voice on it though.

December 6's Episode is(I think I'm the first to post this, if so, you saw it here first!)(Taken from

Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?

When Chris adopts hip-hop speech, Peter (who can't understand a word he's saying) decides to teach his son about his roots. He makes a startling discovery. Meanwhile, Stewie becomes enchanted with the Buddy Cianci Junior High cheerleaders. Voices include Tara Strong (Cindy), Phil Lamarr (Rapper), Chris Cox (George W. Bush), Kevin Michael Richardson (Professor) and series creator Seth MacFarlane (Peter, Osias, Nate Griffin).

Tonight on the Dukes... - Hogie @ 7:15 pm PST
Tonight is a busy TV watching night, and as I'm sure you all know, Family Guy is the desert, to the supper of TV shows before it.

I got this tidbit of info on next next week's(Nov 29th) episode from

Screwed the Pooch

Peter can't stop trying to impress Lois's father, Mr. Pewterschmidt, and Brian can't take his eye off Pewterschmidt's racing grayhound. Bob Barker has a voice cameo as himself. Series creator Seth MacFarlane provides the voices of Peter, Brian, Pewterschmidt, Bill Gates, an ape and a cockroach

Also, I'm thinking about adding some PHP to this site, for one because I can, and two because I need a better way for people to view my choice framegrabs in the CoolClips section.

To kill a mooking bird. - Hogie @ 5:50 pm PST
Today's ridiculously stoopid interview is with Stewie:

Remember now, things said are completely made up and undoubtedly untrue. Some things said may not be suitable for younger viewers, so use discretion.
The return of Family Guy. - Hogie @ 4:53 pm PST
As expected, Family Guy returned last night, and boy was it great, I can't wait to see more.

On another note, I'm still looking forward to seeing and Brianzhouse. What I think is that they're doing some sort of evil ploy to make the suspense and anticipation kill us all, then they're gonna slap it on us and blow us all away(hey, any layout can beat this beautiful work of art). It better be good guys *shakes fist*

Working on another interview, it'll be up soon. Hey, I'm tired!