October 2006

To celebrate the forthcoming dvd release of Family Guy Season 5, four exclusive Family Guy character pages have been created on Myspace!! - Hogie @ 8:56 pm PST
Straight from the mouths of Peter, Stewie, Quagmire and Brian, the pages feature the tastes and interests of the Quahog residents. So be sure to drop by Quagmire's love shack for a quick rendezvous while listening to the sultry sounds of Barry White, or at Brian's martini party for a slightly psychedelic Warhol-infused trip!!

The spaces will be updated regularly in the weeks leading up to the day of release, Monday 30th October. The pages will provide users with exclusive Family Guy content and as a portal for other Family Guy promotions, including where to head for fantastic giveaways!

The MySpace URLs are:

Peter - www.myspace.com/petergriffinfreakinsweet

Stewie - www.myspace.com/stewiesworlddomination

Quagmire - www.myspace.com/ridethequagmire

Brian - www.myspace.com/briansmartiniparty

So why not add the characters to your MySpace friend list and prepare for the release of Family Guy's most hilarious and outrageous season yet!!

The Family Guy Video game! - Hogie @ 8:51 pm PST
Check out the trailer here:

In my opinion a very unique animation style, hopefully the gameplay looks like that too, and hopefully it doesn't suck! If anyone with connections wants me to review it, feel free to send me a copy! For the right price I can give a completed biased opinion! pssst I own a PS2