October 2004

Seth MacFarlane chat... - Hogie @ 8:44 pm PST
Well, today I took an extra long lunch and partook in an online chat with the big man, Seth, thanks to my hostee's The Seth MacFarlane Fan Club. He couldn't stay long, so I didn't really get many questions, 1.5 let's say. Then Steve Callaghan and Seth's PA Andrew Goldberg answered some questions. It was some good times. Here are some highlights:

Hogie: Seth, nice of you to be here, anyways, my question is this: You've been to Montreal, any plans of visiting Vancouver?
SethM: Not in the immediate future, however the show in Montreal was great fun for me and the cast, and we're hoping to schedule more live performances at some point.

Hogie: Steve, where did Herbert come from?
Steve: Herbert sort of came about as a result of a voice that one of our writers Mike Henry would do in the writer's room.
Hogie: Brilliant character, my favorite
Steve: Glad you like Herbert. You'll be seeing more of him in season 4.

Hogie: Andrew, does Seth make you iron his clothes and buff his shoes?
Hogie: Andrew, did you see my question? or is that taboo?
Andrew: Hogie, didn't see the question. what was it?
Hogie: I was wondering if Seth makes you iron his shirts and buff his shoes? Is he a demanding boss?
Andrew: Honestly, Seth's a great boss. A very good guy. No complaints. And no, I don't buff his shoes.

And much to my chagrin, Seth likes Picard more than Kirk, WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO!!?!

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FOX.com strikes again... - Hogie @ 2:21 am PST
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