October 2001

DominaLois - Hogie @ 9:17 pm PST
Another new background I've made, makes no sense really though.

On another note, my Family Guy Skin finally got published over at WinAmp.com check it out:

Joehio - Hogie @ 7:59 pm PST
Just made this crappy interview up pretty quickly, the pictures may not look as nice as some as the others, but hopefully the stoopid dialog will make up for it. Prepare for action in today's interview with: Joe

Remember now, everything said here is completely made up and false, don't take anything seriously and dialog may not be suitable for younger viewers
Postoria - Hogie @ 11:27 pm PST
Sorry about the lack of updates lately. I got a new job lifting rocks, so that takes up a lot of my time.

I made a few different banner images on this page only(so far). There's five as of now and I will be working on more(keep hitting refresh and you'll see them all). And soon I'll do up a couple interviews for your entertainment.

Apparently there's talks of ending Family Guy(once again). This is my best guess from what I've seen at PlanetFamilyGuy.com Goto www.damnyouall.net and maybe find out more, I'm not too sure, but be sure to show your support for the show by voicing you love for it.

Source: DamnYouAll,net
Skinning the town red... - Hogie @ 2:48 pm PST
Well, I've worked long and hard and it's finally done, I've made a Family Guy Winamp Skin. It's not too exciting or anything, and I will be adding to it, but I couldn't wait.

You can click the image to download it, if you like it, or too see it's functionallity.

It's was a real bitch to make and it's the first one I've ever made so don't laugh too hard if it's pathetic.
Peterriffic - Hogie @ 4:51 pm PST
Made another classic wallpaper, Peter Letterman:

Good fun, made him in both 640x480 and 800x600, anything else isn't really needed. I also 800x600erized Sexy Bitch Stewie. You can find them all in "Extra Crap" over to the left there <<
You can also find all of the interviews in "Extra Crap", soon there will be plenty for all to enjoy.

Am I the only freakin' person in all of the Family Guy sites who updates their page these days, come on people, get off yer asses.
There comes a time in every man's life where he must start asking the tough questions... - Hogie @ 6:39 pm PST
Today's crappy interview is with everybody's favorite MILF, whoelse but Lois.

Now, remember, everything said has been completely made up by me and should in no way ever been considered factual.

...you must be THIS beautiful to ride the Quagmire... - Hogie @ 12:23 am PST
Added a bunch of cool frame grabs over in coolclips(to the left there<<). Plus another video clip.

Made my first wallpaper, it's only in 640x480, but there must be some of your freaks out there who use that res still.

If you like it just right-click on it and choose "Set as Wallpaper", if you're using a mac I can't help you.

I'll be coming out with another crappy interview soon so stay tooned. If you have any suggestion, email me, it'll be appreciated, even if you diss me it's all good.
Family Guy Web First!!! - Hogie @ 12:17 pm PST
That's right folks, you saw it here first.

This is the first of a completely original creation of mine, a stupid made-up interview with a character from Family Guy. Ttoday's interviewee happens to be Brian, the talking dog.

Now remember, everything said in this interview is completely made-up and in no way has any fact.

And if you're wondering who that guy is, well, it's me, I Family-Guy-asized myself, you saw that here first too.
...bloody head on a post... - Hogie @ 11:57 am PST
Things are starting to progress here at TheDrunkenClam.com. I've been adding some good video clips and frame grabs, I've also been making some more to add so that should be good.

Remember people, here at TheDrunkenClam.com I'm striving to provide more original content, not the same crap you see cloned again and again. That's why content level is not as high as others. Things take time, and when you have an actual job and a girlfriend, those things take priority over my "web life". So be patient as more stuff gets added, as I will try to put my "real life" aside and devote some quality time to this site, and remember, Rome wasn't built in a day.