January 2006

Updates, or lack there of... - Hogie @ 9:52 pm PST
It has indeed been a while since my last post.

Check out this new Family Guy video game, made by my man, Kevin Karstens, the maker of the Family Guy Screen Saver, it's called: Stewie's Quest- Destroy All Broccoli!http://www.karcreat.com/StewiesQuest.ZIP

He's also in the process of creating a newer and even better game: Chickens Lair which looks excellent thus far. So go check it out.

Also check out this little quiz made by the folks over at TBS: What Character Are You(out of the office) Be sure to tune into TBS to watch reruns of Family Guy aswell... and Seinfeld!

Now I know there are a lot of new Family Guy sites out there, please don't feel slighted that I haven't put your links up yet, I do intend to. My damn computer is on the fritz it would seem and having to use internet cafe computers really blows in my opinion, so I don't get on the net too often anymore, relax!