January 2005

Another FOX notice: - Hogie @ 8:35 pm PST
Get ready for more heart-stopping hilarity from THE FAMILY GUY this Sunday night at 9pm. Catch a rare glimpse behind the scenes of the cult favorite and see the voices behind your favorite characters with this extraordinary clip from a FAMILY GUY table read.

Table read(high) Table read(low)

Table read(high) Table read(low)

FAMILY GUY airs this Sunday at 9:00/9:30 ET/PT only on FOX.

The beginning is nigh. - Hogie @ 8:34 pm PST
Well, this is amazing news, here's a quote from FOX's offical Family Guy site:

Premiere Date Confirmed

The premiere date for the new season of Family Guy has finally been confirmed. No more “FOX 2005” for us. Oh no, we have a date AND a time. The season premiere of Family Guy season 4 will take place on Sunday, May 1st 9/8c on FOX. Mark your calendars and buckle up… only 104 days to go!
Good News, good news... - Hogie @ 1:17 am PST
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