January 2004

Just a reminder.... - Hogie @ 11:08 pm PST
As I'm sure most of you have noticed by now, my video clips are unavailable. This is because my bandwidth limit is 45gigs/month, and 40 have been used up thus far. I dissallow access to the clips so I can atleast keep the site open for the rest of the night. If this pisses you off, please help me out in any way you can think of... ;) ;)
Completion - Hogie @ 2:35 am PST
I've finally finished it, all of my video clips are now once again accessable, and this time in a nice and graphic manner. So please enjoy these video clips, and help me out in any way you can think of... ;)
Attention please... - Hogie @ 1:19 pm PST
Well, I don't know what the hell happened yesterday, but my host seemed to shut down and the site was GONE! But everything's back now and it appears as if my bandwidth has been reset!!! So go now and download what you want from the video clips.

Also download this new Family Guy Board Game:
Family Guy Board Game
A special thanks to Chad for creating the game, and allowing me to provide it to the people!

Progression... - Hogie @ 1:36 am PST
Well, I'm slowly improving the video clip section, almost all of the video clips are now more visually accessable. I hope you enjoy it, and your comments and suggestions are welcome. Thanks!