January 2002

Glorious days.................... - Hogie @ 8:25 pm PST
Many many thanks go to Nick Martin for being so quick in offering me eps, also many thanks to Paul Ogle for doing the same. Also thanks to all of you who considered such actions. These guys are great and you should thank them too, as their efforts will help aid in my efforts in producing content.

Tonight is great, and tomorrow is too. I'm taking a vacation from work and heading out west to places like Sunny Tsawwassen and Drunken Duncan. I'll be visiting friends and family and will be having a hopefully generally good time. In anticipation of these upcoming events, I've been making a few more wallpapers to keep you all interested, as I won't be able to make new ones on the road. I will post them up still cause I'll definitely be having net access.
Holden Flavoursticks - Hohan @ 4:11 pm PST
yo whats happening, I keep my dredlocks in a napkin ring....
Here's something different (not a wallpaper), so I'll keep it short. In lue of all this 'Save Family Guy' outrageousness that is happening again, a good thing to do is to watch Family Guy tonight, it's on for an hour (half all new) and should be enjoyable..... Hogie, I'll start working on stuff tomorrow, or maybe the day after....

I'm down on my knees begging...... - Hogie @ 7:52 pm PST
Amazingly enough, it looks as if the want for Video Clips has beat out wallpapers. Since this is imparent, I need to ask one of you fine folks for a favor, I still need 13 Family Guy episodes for season 1 and 2 in the high quality mpeg 200+MB format. So if somebody out there has every episode, or every episode from season 1 and 2, or any one of these episodes:

102/1ACX02: I Never Met The Dead Man
103/1ACX04: Chitty Chitty Death Bang
104/1ACX03: Mind Over Murder
105/1ACX05: A Hero Sits Next Doors
107/1ACX07: Brian - Portrait Of A Dog
202/1ACX11: Holy Crap!
207/1ACX15: The King Is Dead
208/2ACX02: I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar
210/1ACX09: Running Mates
211/2ACX07: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Bucks
212/2ACX08: Fifteen Minutes Of Shame
216/1ACX10: There's Something About Paulie
217/2ACX10: He's Too Sexy For His Fat

Please help me, it would be very appreciated, I definitely give you props and even do something special for you (within reason).

There are many reasons as to why I need these, the main reason is that I need the good quality eps to extract my content from.

Unbroken promises... - Hogie @ 10:04 pm PST
Like I said, I'd post up two wallpapers today, and here it is:

I thought this one was, particularly sexy, giving Lois quite the "sexy" demeanor, as I'm sure you will agree.

Just kidding, comic porn is just wrong.
Assphinctersayswhat! - Hogie @ 6:36 pm PST

No offense Stephen Hawkings, but you are smarter than us all. And by the way, he can't talk, he has one of the computers with the voice, just like the quad guy in Ready, Willing, and Disabled
(computer voice)
"The gold medal is mine pretty boy, you don't have a chance in hell."
"HA HA HA HA HA, Oh Crap!"
"HAHAHAHAHAHA, you stupid bastard"

Re-openings.... - Hogie @ 6:05 pm PST
Well, I'm glad to announce that Fat Peter's Place has re-opened. After a brief hiatus at Brianzhouse, Matt's back at 'er again. I for one am happy about this, AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO!!!! He's your main source for Nielsen's Ratings for Family Guy.

Go there now... NOW!... NOW!!!...

Source: Fat Peter's Place
I couldn't wait. - Hogie @ 10:19 pm PST
As the title goes, I got too impatient and had to post up another one, I've even got 2 more to post for tomorrow too. Though they're already up.

Remember, you can find all of my wallpapers in different sizes, all located --duh-- in my "Wallpapers" section.

I hear the pitter-patter of little feet... err, fingers.... - Hogie @ 10:27 am PST
Created another masterpeice for you enjoyment and viewing pleasure. I hope you all like this one.

I'll have another wallpaper up tomorrow too, but if you're sneaky, you'll have already seen it.
Save Family Guy - Hogie @ 5:25 pm PST
Click HERE to sign a petition to save Family Guy. I for one would like to sign, but not eatting Subway would kill me, though I am behind everyone who does sign.

If anyone important at FOX reads this site, or any other site, I wish you would just use the intellegence you claim to have and NOT cancel Family Guy. It's one of the best shows on the air today, and would deeply sadden many, nay, all of us who watch it. You have to stop listening to those c**ks**cking critics who diss the show, you see, their head's are up their arses and can't comprehend the quality of the show. These "critics" show really be fired, there's countless numbers of great TV shows and movies that have sunk because of these heartless money grabbers.

That is all.

Enter the Q-man - Hogie @ 10:12 am PST
I looks like the want for wallpapers is way ahead. So I decided to get an early start in making some more, and, tah-dah, here's one:

Hope you like it and that it's not too "racey".
Hilarious - Hogie @ 8:31 pm PST
This was just so freakin' funny I had to post it on the main page:

Holy moly, it must be my birthday

It's on the Cool Clips page already, but this deserved to come up front.
Completely crazy.. - Hogie @ 7:14 pm PST
I finally finished that interview with myself, and damn does it suck. I hope it meets up to the general stoopid crap I usually make.

Remember kiddies, if your parents don't like you to swear, than wait for them to not be in the room to watch this. I'm just kidding, don't let your parents come to this site at all.

If you're one of those weirdo's who lives "down south" and tauks wit n axe-scent, and you don't have the flash plugin, goto my "Interviews" section on my site, too the left <--------that way<--------, and click on the "get flash plugin" button image to get it.

Requests part 2 - Hogie @ 8:05 pm PST
Since I misunderstood what Petorian meant in my forum, I decided I better try again, so I hope you like it.

Doesn't make a lot of sense, but hey, what does?
And to the right we see.... - Hogie @ 8:04 pm PST
Created yet again, another wonderfull background.

Since it looks like I'm going to be interviewing myself, I decided to make a BG of the Mayor Adam West.
Work to be being done... - Hogie @ 10:24 pm PST
Never thought I'd use that stupid strike tag, oh well.

I've been busy lately. I've helped Ol' young Steve over at FamilyGuyDomain.com with his new layout and a bunch of cgi and ssi issues. I've also been downloading good quality, 200+MB mpegs of Family Guy, I'm trying to get all of the eps so I can put them all on VCD and have hours of entertainment. So far I have 5 VCDs, only 10 too go.

With the inflow of good mpegs means more vidclips and choice framegrabs. This has been done, I've added 6 vidclips(featuring Quagmire), and about the same amount of framegrabs featuring other things. I'm also working on getting an assload more quotes, I've been adding them slowly and I won't upload the page untill there is quite the assload. Hopefully Hohan will get off his ass and help me with that and also post again.
Requests - Hogie @ 7:29 pm PST
Petorian in my Forum requested that I make a wallpaper that has Peter when he was made up to be a teenager in "Let's Go To The Hop", here it is:

Holy! Another one! - Hogie @ 9:13 pm PST
Made another classic wallpaper for y'all.


Oh yeah, things are finally starting to progress here nicely.
Global TV - Hohan @ 10:31 pm PST
Firstly I'd just like to say don't expect great things from Hohan. Since I've spent so much time watching Family Guy and other humor based television shows on my computer my basis with interacting with others is dampened, so I'll say this, my opinions may be blunt, or worthless. Damn, I guesss I actually don't care..... anyways to the point. Who else here lives in Canada and is tired with Global's constant garbage. This damn station just steals shows from the good American networks and throughs in the same crappy commercials that we've seen many times before as an added bonus. Case in point, on Superbowl Sunday Global steals the game from an American station, then instead of showing the hyped commercials that companies paid up to a million dollars to be aired, Global gives us lucky canadians the same damn 'Canadian Tire', or 'I am Canadian' commercials again and again and again... I don't know if I'm the only one who wants to see the American commercials, but check them out, for me I usually have to watch Entertainment Tonight to see bits of them.... And then last thursday night there was a special two hours of Family Guy on... I said damn sweet, so I go and watch it.... they showed the same episode twice (there's something about Pauly) sweet episode but Global couldn't even coordinate what episodes they were going to show with Fox.... Damn I guess I like American TV stations too much or something but Global pisses me off.... this is just a taste of ramblings to come..... when I was five I woke up and walked into the family room and my mom and dad were watching a titty movie, my mom told me they were racing cars and to go back to bed
The New News Poster - Hogie @ 7:24 pm PST
I'd like to take this time to welcome my new news poster, Hohan. He's a long time fan of Family Guy and should (hopefully), be an asset to this site. With a different perspective on things and some added, much valuable, content.
G'Day mates! - Hogie @ 1:39 pm PST
It seems that possibly I may have found the navbar that I like, and I hope you like it too. It's supposed to be like we're at the friggin pub and it's kinda like your "menu" permanently pasted onto the wood on the side of the bar. That's what the brown bar at the bottom of all my banner images are supposed to be, the top of the bar. So I'm trying to output the "pubby" feel, maybe it works, maybe it doesn't.

Finally Survivor is finished(I liked the show, don't get me wrong), so that means that Family Guy has a better chance in the ratings category. Cause we all know that people were foolish and watched the Survivor that was on later during Family Guy rather than the one that was on early. And if that wasn't the case for some people, well, they shoulda taped Survivor dammit and watched Family Guy, but I guess what's done is done and we can only move on to, hopefully, higher ratings.
Site changes - Hogie @ 8:54 pm PST
As you can see I'm dicking around with the nav bar to the left, as you can see it looks like crap.

Until some sort of inspiration hits me, it will continue to suck.

That is all!

Made it look a little better, tell me your thoughts.

what the fu..... - Hogie @ 4:53 pm PST
Created yet again, another great wallpaper....

Also added a couple new video clips and 1 new framegrab! SLOW DOWN!!!

You might have guessed that I like to generally center this site around Quagmire, though not completely. The last couple of episodes it seems didn't feature Glen as much as they should have, so that means I have to weed through the eps to pull out the pure gold stuff, which is a little harder and therefor takes longer. Being the busy guy that I am, I didn't actually find too much time during the holidays to devote to this site, SUE ME! And now I'm sick so I've got these weird shakey arms from the drugs I'm on.... time to go....